Press release: Day One of the Festival

Friday 16 June 2017


The Oxfordshire Science Festival starts today with a double bill of warfare and care, looking at how we can protect each other and ourselves in today’s turbulent world.
First up, at Faces of Social Media at 6.15pm, the Festival asks: you may love social media, but does it love you back? Join University of Oxford Computer Science Research Fellow, Jason R.C. Nurse to explore cyber social networks through some of the most popular platforms. Dr Nurse will highlight the range of advantages and risks of maintaining a digital presence, especially as platforms begin to integrate with the Internet-of-Things.
Explaining his day job, Jason said: “Cyber security is particularly challenging because with every stride of progress in technology, there are hackers and other criminals finding ways of stealing information or finances or developing other nefarious activities. For security to be truly effective therefore, we need to be able to better understand and predict criminal behaviours, and create systems and services that are resilient to their attacks.”
This is your chance to ask what happened last May when thousands of computers were hacked, threatening the NHS, and how cyber detectives track back the crime to the point of origin to prevent it in the future. Find out if you are at risk from future cyber-attacks. Pick up some top tips for how you can protect yourselves and your families online.
Later on Friday, at 8.15pm, the Sheldonian becomes the Theatre for emergency medicine for warzones everywhere. As long as humans have lived together, there have been wars, and injured soldiers and civilians. Emergency medicine and rehabilitation programmes have had to keep pace with advanced war zones and domestic terrorism.
The panel at Warzone looks at severe casualty, its infliction, treatment and long-term outcomes. Harry Parker, the army Captain who lost his legs to an explosion in Afghanistan will join Lieutenant colonel Ross Moy, Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the The John Radcliffe Hospital and Emily Mayhew, a military medical historian specialising in the study of the modern reality of medicine and injury in wartime.
When asked about Emily’s most challenging area of work, she said: “Understanding pain. It's difficult enough to explain when you are experiencing it. Science is still in the early stages of understanding it as a research concept and I'm mystified why we aren't farther ahead.”
Warzone tackles how we are able to bring people back from ever closer encounters with mortality and asks: “What happens when you reach the threshold of life and death – and come back?”
With dozens of events until Wednesday 21 June, this is a chance to find out about the science of science fiction, food and the future of our planet. Meaty topics at this year’s Oxfordshire Science Festival cover everything from solar plasmas to pleasure and insect’s knees to the history and fate of humanity.
This weekend, dozens of different groups will be in Oxford Town Hall, inviting everyone to get hands‑on in the Explorazone with the very latest research 12-5 pm on Saturday 17 and Sunday 18 June. Science Oxford, University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University, local industry and research institutes will present some brilliant innovations and ideas. Families, adults and kids of all ages can delve into the world of exosomes, entomophagy and optical illusions. For the first time, the Festival will open the hands-on Explorazone in the evening on Saturday 17 June for adults only, so grown-ups too can play at being a paramedic, a plasma physicist or prevent a Polio pandemic.
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