Oxfordshire Science Festival is produced in association with Science Oxford and supported by University of Oxford, Oxford Brookes University, local industry and research institutes.

Partnering organisations may use the following elements to promote their involvement in the Festival up to 21 August 2017. The corresponding credits must be used with their use. Following the end date [21 August 2017], partners should cease advertising themselves as sponsors or partners of the Festival and will no longer be able to use the Festival branding in promotional material except for reporting purposes.

All other organisations (eg. media) who do not have an existing agreement to use the logo and Festival materials, must get permission (which will not be unreasonably withheld) by emailing askus@oxscifest.org.


Press releases

Explore OSF 28.4.17

Programme launch 5.5.17

Day one of the Festival 16.6.17

OSF logo.png
OSF square with isolation.png

The 2017 Oxfordshire Science Festival logo is a blue square featuring the words: Oxfordshire Science Festival in association with Science Oxford.

Logo (blue) colour [R:0 G:173 B:238] [C:1 M:0.273 Y:0 K:0.0667]

The logo should not be reproduced smaller than 2cm wide.

An isolation area around the perimeter of the blue square of at least the width of the “F” in the word Festival will allow the logo to fit among other logos or typographical material

OxSciFest.com, iStock, Neutronman.jpg

Radio telescope and Milky Way

Credit: "Oxfordshire Science Festival, iStock-Neutronman"

Paquet zebra fish.jpg

Zebra fish

Credit: "Dr Dominik Paquet, Professor of Neurobiology, Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany"

OxSciFest.com,  iStock.com,TBradford.jpg

Camera taking photo of Oxfordshire landscape

Credit: "Oxfordshire Science Festival, iStock-TBradford"

OxSciFest.com, iStock.com, Pelooyen.jpg

Katydid (insect) with ears on its knees

Credit: "Oxfordshire Science Festival, iStock-Pelooyen"